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I can’t decide on a gold or white one, hmmm


reblog if u remember


IS THIS NOT A THING ANYMORE WITH IOS7?!?! (*cough*i haven’t updated yet*cough*)

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 My phone seems to forget that it has external speakers. The ringer won’t work, the button clicking or the lock/unlock sounds won’t work. And it won’t play music. But if I put headphones in I can listen to music. And when I try to change the volume with the side buttons, it says “ringer” has the graphic, but where the loudness scale would be is completely blank.

Can someone help me fix this?

Never mind, apparently it will just fix itself after a bit.

You know it’s been a really long day/night when this is the email you send yourself because you need to print this out elsewhere. facepalm


favorite gif ever honestly



mine at the end of the summer <3

i thought i knew which colour i wanted, but now i’m not sure which to get?

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