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A Forest Bird Never Wants A Cage

My sister and I want to get matching sister tattoos. We’re trying to think of something somewhat original sorta, but any suggestions are welcomed with open arms!!! :))

Being kissed on the forehead and hearing him whisper “I love you so much.”

I seriously can’t stop looking at my daith piercing, oh my god.

Sooooo this happened yesterday :x

So we got our MXJ title at last weekend’s agility trial and my boyfriend sent me this picture while I was off somewhere else. Congrats, Ticket!! Now we’re just working on our MACH!!!! 😱😋😄

baaaaabyyy hamster

Little phoebe and her pony (:
I don’t believe I was even a teenager when this was taken. That’s BlackBerry (or BlackBerry Surprise, for his show name). Wicked miss this horse. What I wouldn’t give to ride him today. Or have him back…

"Can I see you?"
Is way better than
“Wanna hang out?”

Taylor told me that if he ever got a small dog, he would get a schipperke. And I overheard him asking Ticket why he was so perfect yesterday. #KEEPER 😍😍😍

Sleeeeeeepy red dog

Music Education Major.
Soprano, Alto,
Tenor Sax.
I care too much.
Probably going to be a cat lady.
Epitome of a hopeless romantic.
Everyone's back-burner girl.

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