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A Forest Bird Never Wants A Cage

I will never get over the random texts that say “how would you feel about (city name)?” that Taylor sends me throughout the day as he finds jobs to apply for and places that might be ‘home’ ☺️☺️☺️

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My kitten turned out to be a boy, but he’s still the prettiest little thing I’ve ever seen 😍 need name suggestionssssss plzzz

Sleepy face 😁 but isn’t she prettyyyyy

Teacher clothes & feeling pretty today ☺️❤️🍎🎶🐪

Dorm room decorations. Just need curtains, a poster, and maybe another string of lights to make it even better :)

Hope everyone enjoys my goofy header photo of my schipperke looking silly. Lawlllll

Surprise flowers from the boyyy 😍
“Hope these flowers brighten your day at least a fraction of what you brighten mine.”

Mom! You’re home!! ☺️❤️

Did AWESOME at my agility trial today. Had four runs and had FOUR Q’s!!! And placed first in excellent fast and fourth in masters standard (and the other two Q’s were in masters jumpers and time to beat). My little schipperke did amazingly well. We’re really starting to come together as a team and we both really want it!

Later, I went kayaking and “putted around” on the jetski with Taylor for hours. I haven’t been kayaking in years and I missed it sooo much. We’re planning a trip where we pack a lunch and kayak around the whole lake (it’s a pretty decently sized lake). I can’t wait! I really hope one day I have my own house on the water because I am in love with it and I wish I could go kayaking every day.

Then we went bowling. In which we both did terribly for some reason—HAH! But it was fun anyhow :)

End of story. ^-^

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