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A Forest Bird Never Wants A Cage

My hair is getting really long. I’m soooo happy!!

Here. Please enjoy another picture of me holding a decently sized snake. Hanging out with this guy really made me want one.

Guys!!! I made a new friend today!! His name is Occa! :3

Face spam because I LOOKED PRETTY TODAY (yes, I said it) ☺️

Lookit how effing perfect my little rescue hamster is!!! She’s the one I woke up to in my dorm room one day (if I shared that story here…). She’s literally so precious, I can’t even handle it 😍😍😍😍😍

Him grabbing my hand as I walk by him to dance in the middle of his apartment some nights just because.

Hi, have another picture of me and this cutie patootie :3

Honey! ❤️❤️ Just thought she was a little cutie when I first met her after my coach had purchased her for the barn. Never thought I would get to ride her or form this bond with her. She’s a little green and I’ve loved working with her and learning from her and I’m going to miss her so much this summer!

My bulletin board matches my door decs :3


New door decs for March :)
“In like a lion, out like a lamb” 🍀

Music Education Major.
Soprano, Alto,
Tenor Sax.
I care too much.
Probably going to be a cat lady.
Epitome of a hopeless romantic.
Everyone's back-burner girl.

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